Introducing the newest member of our Ooo Family – My Ooo Ooo

To celebrate turning 5, we have a new addition to the family

Its been a crazy few years at Ooo Bear HQ, many ups and downs but wow, I can hardly believe we are 5 .. the adventures have certainly been memorable.

A few months ago we decided that we would like a new addition to the family, another Ooo to call our own so we set about lots of research and went back and forth between a few ideas and finally set our hearts on a cheeky monkey we like to call Ooo Ooo.

There are lots of patterns available to buy, but as you all know we love to stand head and shoulders above the rest and be Ooomazing and Ooonique in a field full of bears, so we began exploring our favourite images of monkeys and set about drafting a pattern (which obviously like all of My Ooo Bear patterns, are kept under lock and key).

Finally back in April we started our prototype …then my grandaughter arrived, my daughter moved back home and chaos reigned in our home for a while but occasionally my younger children would play while the washing built up and I was able to develop the prototype further. The amount of hours spent discussing the length of a tail, how long a monkeys arms are and should we have four or five toes – honestly its a laugh a minute at our dinner table, lol. Thankfully, we finally all agreed on a body size and shape, arm length and tail thickness (yes that conversation really did happen) aaaaaand …

… four months later, we have finally created the most perfect addition to our Ooo Bear family. My Ooo Ooo is so excited to come home with you, all dressed in your memories, so that he can become a member of your family too.

♥ Welcome to the world My Ooo Ooo ♥

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We would love to know what you think of My Ooo Ooo so please do share your comments with us below.

-Mrs Ooo xXx

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